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Community Outreach

Caring for our Nicaraguan neighbors is just as important as looking after the land.

The Details

At Rancho Santana, we are committed to nurturing our Nicaraguan community and protecting the land we love. That is why we proudly collaborate with numerous local organizations.

Our Community Partners

  • FunLimón

FunLimón (Fundación Limon) is a non-profit organization offering essential education, fitness, and economic development services to the local communities in the region. FunLimón caters to more than 16 rural communities and provides life-changing programs to youth, teenagers, and adults. These programs include English language courses, vocational classes, technical courses, and full-tuition university scholarships.


  • CREA

CREA is a literacy and learning program based in the local town of Limón. They strive to support the local youth through three primary initiatives: Library Services, Academic Success, and Youth Development.


  • Roberto Clemente Clinic

The Roberto Clemente Clinic provides 24/7 accessible and affordable healthcare, supplies, and innovative wellness programs to coastal communities in the area.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic

  • King’s Ransom

Rancho has partnered multiple times with the King’s Ransom Foundation, which aims to support impoverished communities worldwide. With their support, we’ve been able to lead community projects such as repairing and building brand-new homes and installing concrete floors after recent storms, as well as a monthly food assistance campaign for communities affected by unemployment during the pandemic.

King’s Ransom

  • Santana Surf Team

The Santana Surf team aims to empower local surfers to compete internationally, train with great instructors, have access to surfing equipment, and more.

Santana Surf Team

  • Pack for a Purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers to make a lasting impact in the community at their travel destination. By allocating just a few pounds of space in your luggage for supplies for the projects we support, you will make a priceless impact on the lives of our local children and families.

Packing for a Purpose

  • Conectando Corazones (Connecting Hearts) Tour

Through this unique tour, guests have the opportunity to connect with local organizations and learn more about what they do to support the community in the areas of education, health, fitness, and sustainability. For more information, be sure to ask our concierge about these tours.

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