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Yoga & Fitness

Find Zen in our treetop yoga palapa or break a sweat at FunLimón, a more conventional gym across the street from Rancho Santana.


Create harmony between mind, body, spirit, and the rhythms of nature with a yoga experience overlooking Rancho’s rolling hills and the Pacific Ocean. Book a communal class, a one-on-one lesson, or a private yoga session with friends and family. We have all the mats, straps, and blocks you’ll need to slow down, stretch out, and tap into your breathing.

All classes welcome all levels of yogis.

– Drop in Classes – $25 each
– Private Classes – $70 for 2 people
– $15 per person after initial $70 fee

If you are an owner or full-time resident at The Ranch, ask about our 10-class package.

Meet our Yoga Instructors

We are proud to work with a rotating group of instructors each season. Explore our current lineup of talented practitioners with diverse teaching styles and areas of expertise.


Ángeles is a dedicated yoga and meditation instructor from Argentina. With a profound connection to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, she brings a unique perspective to her practice.


A versatile instructor skilled in both yoga and pilates. Meghan seamlessly merges the mindful, meditative aspect of yoga with the strengthening and stabilizing movements of Pilates.


From dynamic vinyasa flows to mobility drills, arm balancing conditioning, powerful kriyas, and deep restorative yin, Julia’s classes cater to various needs. Julia believes that through yoga, we can tap into the inherent freedom of our minds and bodies.


For training beyond yoga, join a group class or schedule a personal fitness session in our treetop yoga palapa. Looking for a more conventional indoor gym? Take a short ride to the FunLimón community center across the road from Rancho Santana. There, you’ll find free weights, Nautilus training machines, treadmills, and exercise bikes, plus a martial arts studio and boxing bag.

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