Nicaragua Celebrations over the Holidays

Nicaragua Celebrations at Rancho Santana December holds a special place in Nicaraguan hearts, it’s a month of traditions, joy, and, above all, celebrating with the community. Parties and celebrations are commonly held during this month, with festivities kicking off as early as the first week of December to celebrate La Purísima or Gritería.  Nicaraguan Holiday… Read more »

Your Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua’s Amazing Natural Settings

Embark on a Restorative Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua: Namaste at Rancho Santana Rancho Santana, a luxury residential community well-known for its pristine beaches and heartfelt hospitality, spreads out over 2,700 acres of lush forest and oceanfront cliffs. For truly unique wellness retreats, this Nicaraguan hidden gem is a top favorite destination in Central America. The… Read more »

Adventures on the Lakes, Rivers & Volcanoes of Nicaragua

Ometepe Volcanoes in Nicaragua

Find Adventures on the Lakes, Rivers, and Volcanoes of Nicaragua Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes. And with 19 volcanoes throughout the country, and a name believed to be derived from a Nahuatl word and roughly translated to “kingdom surrounded by large bodies of water”, it is no wonder why.  Out of all 19… Read more »

This Summer, Surf Nicaragua’s Best Waves at Rancho Santana

Woman surfing in Nicaragua at Rancho Santana Nicaragua surf resort

This Summer, Surf Nicaragua’s Best Waves at Rancho Santana This August, discover the most coveted wellness destination in Central America. Rancho Santana boasts 2,700 acres and is home to luxurious accommodations, world-class surfing, and boundless experiences. Rancho Santana is kicking off a series of wellness and adventure-focused retreats with the Surf and Serenity Retreat, to be… Read more »

Nicaragua Hiking Trails at Rancho Santana

hiking rancho santana

Nicaragua Hiking Trails at Rancho Santana With a variety of natural landscapes and a sense of the undiscovered, Nicaragua offers a great variety of trails and adventure sports to enjoy. From the hilly forests up North in coffee country Matagalpa, Estelí, and Jinotega, to tropical volcanoes, there is no shortage of natural beauty to explore… Read more »