Situated on the Southwest Pacific coast between the vast Pacific Ocean and Lake Nicaragua, The Ranch is located on one of the Pacific’s only isthmuses. Bordered on both sides by water,  Rancho Santana enjoys the distinction of nearly constant offshore breezes.

Weather & Surf

Steady offshore breezes combine with a perfectly angled coastline to create  world-class surf conditions and warm weather almost 330 days out of the year. Visit our friends at Magic Seaweed for an up-to-the-minute surf condition report.

Nicaragua has two seasons: Dry season typically runs from November through May with little to no precipitation. From June through November we have a “green season” with tropical conditions and sunny  days marked with periodic rain. Due to our location on the isthmus and near the equator, you can expect year round temperatures in the mid 80s to low 90’s with generally low humidity.