Getting here

How to Get to Rancho Santana



Rancho Santana is within driving distance of two international airports that service most airlines.

– Managua Airport (MGA) – 2-2.5-hour drive

– Liberia Airport (LIR), located in Costa Rica – 4-hour drive.

Travel Requirements 

Get Tested 

Travelers who are not vaccinated must provide a negative PCR COVID-19 test to enter Nicaragua, taken at most 72 hours before your trip.  

If you are fully vaccinated, you will be able to travel without testing.  

Tourist Visa 

If you are not a Nicaraguan citizen, you will need to purchase a tourist visa to enter the country. The tourist visa costs $14 and is available for purchase upon arrival in Nicaragua. You will also need to pay a $1 fee to the local Cardenas municipality.  


When leaving the country, you may also need a negative COVID-19 test. Protocols and requirements vary depending on what airport you will be flying out of and to which country. Our team is on hand to assist with travel arrangements and exit Covid-19 testing.

Contact us for assistance with travel arrangements or if you have any questions. Our reservations team will be there every step to help get you to The Ranch.  

TripAdvisor Reviews

From Thomas on TripAdvisor

A really nice hotel

We have been homeowners at Rancho Santana for many years and have sold our home. We came down for a visit and stayed for the first time at the Inn. The reservations team was super helpful in getting us in and out with their transportation from Liberia, Costa Rica. With Covid requirements, there are a lot of steps but they assisted us in every way. They even recommended an online antigen test for our return to the states that we were able to perform over a video call online from our room in about 5 minutes. Don’t let the border crossing scare you. They have folks helping you with bags, paperwork ,etc all the way. Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle, but there is no place on earth more relaxing so all those transport troubles will melt away after your first Nica Libre at the bar.