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The Five Beaches

Called Las Cinco Playas in Spanish, Rancho Santana’s five beaches include surfing hotspots, sandcastle-building grounds, and remote swaths of sand. Learn more about our Nicaragua playas.

Playa Santana

Think of Playa Rancho Santana as your beachy home base. Not only does the Clubhouse sit directly on its shores, so does the Inn and Residences. Head straight from your suite to the sand in the morning, or make a pitstop at El Cafe for a fresh-made smoothie to go. Sand-free swimming is also within reach—both the Sand Dollar Pool and Residence Pool are nearby—and this is where you’ll saunter on horseback for sunset rides. 

Playa Santana is perfect for:

  • Horseback riders
  • Sunset strollers
  • Beach-to-pool hoppers

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Playa Rosada

Named for its pink sand, Playa Rosada provides an eyeful for anyone swimming at the nearby Pool House or grabbing a casual bite at La Boquita. But this isn’t just known for its looks. It’s also famous for its unique left point break, only accessible to surfers staying with us. At low tide, enjoy a walk along the rocks from Playa Rosada back to the Clubhouse at Playa Santana.

Playa Rosada is perfect for:

  • Shell collectors
  • Experienced surfers
  • Waterfront diners

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Soak up views of stunning rock formations and the beach’s namesake dune, which is created by winds whipping around the shoreline’s point. But first, you have to get there! Arriving at Playa Duna is a mini-adventure in itself that requires a bit of step-climbing and hiking, but the adventure is well worth it. This is also where you can glide downhill in our adrenaline-pumping sandboarding activity. 

Playa Duna is perfect for:

  • Outdoor adventurers
  • Privacy seekers
  • Geological formation fans

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Playa Escondida

Here’s a beach for solitary sunbathers or anyone who wants to find peace and quiet to get lost in a good book. It’s not uncommon to have Playa Escondida, aka Rancho Santana’s “hidden beach,” all to yourself. Of course, occasionally you may have to share this pristine shoreline with hatching sea turtles. It’s also home to one of our yoga platforms and guided SUP adventures.  

Playa Escondida is perfect for:

  • Beach bookworms
  • Sea turtle peepers
  • Outdoor yogis

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Playa Los Perros

Our most swimmable and kid-friendly beach, Playa Los Perros has white sands and approachable swells. That’s why it’s home to our Surf Shop, which offers lessons, board rentals, and a selection of surf gear. Catch a few waves, then kick back at La Taqueria for tacos, tostadas, and ceviches served with homemade salsas. Wash it all down with fresh fruit juices, beachy cocktails, or a bucket of beers for the table.  

Playa Los Perros is perfect for:

  • Beginning surfers
  • Water-loving kiddos
  • Taco enthusiasts

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