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Surf at Rancho Santana

Rancho Santana is a mecca for surfers who enjoy the optimal conditions along Nicaragua’s southern Pacific, earning it the moniker The Emerald Coast among wave riders.


Surfers come from near and far to paddle out at Playa Santana, with its multiple peaks along the beachThis beach break provides powerful barrels that go left and right. It is best to surf mid to high tide. Santana also serves great waves for bodyboarders. If that sounds a little intimidating to the aspiring surfer or novice who has never even been on a boardthere are plenty of waves for beginners at Playa Los Perros. With a more relaxed atmosphere and the waves all to yourself, you can rent a board, take a lesson with one of our professional instructors, and fulfill your dream of surfing in Nicaragua – with the videos to prove it!