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Authentic Nicaragua Hospitality

Rancho Santana is a  world-class resort  and residential community located on Nicaragua’s pristine Emerald Coast. “The Ranch” boasts 2,700 acres of rolling hills, five unique beaches, a variety of dining options, and a myriad of activities from  adventure sport to spa treatments.

Our Story

December of 2007 marked twenty years since six friends (our “Accidental Developers”) visited Nicaragua to scope out a piece of land for sale. They were introduced to a man named Antonio Granados, whose family owned the property. Sr. Granados personally showed them the rugged, sprawling 2,700 acres. As they walked and climbed and dined together, he shared his vision of what the ranch could be with time and with a community behind it. They were hooked.

In the years to come, our founders remained close with Sr. Granados and his family. They worked together to build homes for themselves and their friends. Additional homes brought the need for infrastructure. Roads were built, water filtration systems and electricity were put in place. More homes, clubhouses, restaurants, and the riding stables soon followed. Most recently, The Inn & Residences was created as a boutique luxury accommodation for visitors. The world took notice, and now we find ourselves among Travel & Leisure’s top hotels of the world. Rancho Santana is ever-evolving but remains ruggedly elegant.​​



Fronted by the Pacific Ocean with an unspoiled dry forest landscape, Rancho Santana delivers world-class accommodations and amenities with a dedication to sustainability, and above all, authentic Nicaraguan hospitality.

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Las Cinco Playas & Clubhouses

Rancho Santana is built on providing unique experiences. We provide opportunities to cross paths with like-minded guests and community members, as well as offer peace and solitude for those that prefer a bit more privacy. Watch the sun go down over cocktails on the sunset terrace at the Clubhouse at Playa Santana, or catch the surfers chasing Playa Rosada’s complicated left point reef break at the Pool House. Our five distinct beaches allow guests to enjoy a variety seaside experiences.

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Useful Tips

The ultimate goal of Rancho Santana is to provide residents and guests with the technological comforts of home while maintaining the quiet and rustic appeal of the area. Visit our Useful Tips page for packing and travel tips.

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