Committed to the Community

During the rainy season come torrential storms, and although The Ranch is fortified with a state-of-the-art infrastructure built to withstand these harsh bouts of weather, the local communities aren’t as prepared to meet the unpredictable conditions.

Rivers flood, roads become impassible, and sometimes entire towns are trapped. Families suffer and people suffer. Last year, Hurricanes Iota and Eta devastated entire communities across the country, including many in our local area.

Our staff, their families, friends, and neighbors — many of whom live in homes that could not withstand these storms — desperately needed serious and immediate assistance.

The benefits of benevolence

That’s when our team at Rancho Santana shifted into assistance mode, providing help to the area we call home, which has been an integral part of our mission since we joined the community decades ago. We rushed in with food and emergency supplies to those affected. We also partnered with Kings Ransom, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to building new futures for families living in poverty, to further assist with the ongoing needs within the surrounding communities. To date, we have replaced 440 dirt floors with concrete foundations, repaired 17 homes, and constructed 34 new houses from the ground up. 

Here, in Nicaragua, even a small donation goes a long way in helping all the people who make Rancho Santana such a special place. With the help of generous donations from our homeowners, community members, and friends of The Ranch, we’re looking to continue the partnership with Kings Ransom to further our rebuilding efforts. Ultimately, the goal is to continue to serve neighboring communities and offer repairs and construction that will make their homes more resistant to storms in the future. We hope you’ll help us keep moving forward.