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spa in el bosque in nicaragua in Rancho Santana

The Spa in El Bosque

Rancho Santana features world-class relaxation and rejuvenation at our Spa in El Bosque, a 6,000 square foot wellness retreat. Situated on a rugged hillside, El Bosque – “forest” in Spanish – lives up to its name as a cool and shady sanctuary for those looking for a change of pace from all that surf and sun. Climbing a winding stone staircase as if ascending into the clouds, you’ll arrive at our zen-like suite with stunning views, welcoming you to a host of therapeutic treatments and services.



Spa at Rancho Santana Nicaragua

Start with a massage, releasing stiff joints and thoroughly relaxing any stress or built-up tension you brought with you to Nicaragua.

Body Treatments

Body Treatments at The Spa in El Bosque at Rancho Santana

Enjoy body scrubs and moisturizing treatments made with locally sourced natural ingredients that leave the skin glowing and refreshed.


Treat your skin with soothing and restorative ingredients that leave you with a radiant, healthy glow.

Nail Care

The Spa en El Bosque offers a suite of professional nail care services.

Holistic Services


From Shiatsu Massage, Reflexology, Cupping, Acupuncture, to Reik, regain the physical and energy balances of your body.


“You don’t want to spend time at Rancho Santana without booking an appointment at the Spa (called The Spa in El Bosque). Like everything else at The Ranch, it was designed to meld with the landscape, not to stand out against it. We got a couples massage that included hot stone therapy and time reserved for the hot and cold plunge pools.” David C