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Where to Travel in Latin America in 2024

Latin America spans from the Caribbean Sea to the Southern Ocean. As such, its diversity and diversions are...

Latin America spans from the Caribbean Sea to the Southern Ocean. As such, its diversity and diversions are unparalleled. Artist-forward cities, culinary powerhouses, pristine coastlines, adventure-ready mountain ranges, wildlife-filled forests, and a deep and abiding cultural heritage… there is something for everyone in Latin America. Here are our top five destinations in Latin America worth considering for your 2024 travel plans.

family walking on the beach of Playa Rosada at rancho santana

Nicaragua in 2024

Enter another country with a bad rap: Nicaragua. The stigma around Nicaragua stems back to the 1980s. But if you actually look at the statistics, it is now one of the safest countries in Central America. To be sure, the people of Nicaragua are humble and lovely. Add in its beautiful lakes, volcanoes, culture, history, and proximity to the U.S., and you have the recipe for a perfect getaway. We are especially in love with Rancho Santana, a 2,700-acre coastal community boasting five beaches (three of which are private), numerous hotel, condo, casita, and villa options, four different restaurants, a grocery store, one of the best spas in Central America, and a range of adventure sports and wellness activities. Here you can be as active or as relaxed as you want. Perhaps you want good surf conditions and a private house for your friends? Or a balance of hammock time and activities like hiking, biking, and paddle boarding for just the two of you? Perhaps you want an easily accessible (and fairly affordable) place where friends and/or family can congregate without getting bored? Or maybe you want to fulfill your personal dream of seeing baby turtles hatch on the beach? Rancho Santana holds all the cards.

There are no age restrictions and very few people here. And while it might be easy to book a weekly beach getaway, we recommend combining Rancho Santana with a few days near Granada on Lake Nicaragua. From Granada, you can zip line and hike in the nearby cloud forests, visit city markets and cigar factories, and even witness lava inside an active volcano. Alternatively, consider combining Nicaragua with Costa Rica. (Morgan’s Rock is another favorite property quite close to the border with incredible treehouse accommodations.) Or, go on a diving expedition in the Little Corn Islands.

Travel to Latin America with Ker & Downey

For even more travel inspiration for Latin America, read some of our other suggestions here. When you’re ready to start planning your journey, contact us. Our designers are also fellow travel lovers, committed to creating a journey unique to you. In the meantime, let’s get social. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily travel inspiration.


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