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Vacationing at Rancho Santana During Festivals in Nicaragua 

Nicaragua enjoys a vibrant culture. Depending on the date that you choose to vacation to this picturesque destination,...

Nicaragua enjoys a vibrant culture. Depending on the date that you choose to vacation to this picturesque destination, you may have the opportunity to experience local traditions through the different festivals, and holidays celebrated every year.

Nailing down the dates of your vacation is just as important as choosing the best accommodation. Rancho Santana boasts 2,700 acres, five beaches, rolling hills, and four different types of accommodations for adventure travelers and families alike. The Ranch is conveniently located in the municipality of Tola, which is within close driving distance to Managua, Leon, Granada, and Masaya, all known cities that celebrate La Purisima, Hipica festival, La Griteria, and other local festivities. 

Your next vacation to Nicaragua can be truly memorable, especially if you plan to visit around the dates when festivities take place.

Experiencing Popular Festivals in Nicaragua 

Once you experience Nicaraguan celebrations, you will surely be intrigued by the local customs. After all, Nicaragua is a destination with rich traditions dating back to the early beginnings of its history. 

Hipica Festival

Celebrated on different dates across the municipalities of the country. The Hipica is an anticipated event for locals. Horseback riding has been extremely popular in Nicaragua since colonial times. In modern times, the celebration consists of a horse parade where skilled riders show their best tricks on their stallions as the locals watch and cheer them on. Often, the parade features live traditional music including marimba and chicheros. 


Moyogalpa Ometepe Island: It’s on the same day as the feast day of Santa Ana, July 26th.

Managua: Held in honor of the patron saint of Managua, Santo Domingo de Guzman on the 1st and 10th of August.

Granada: Celebrated on The feast day of the Virgin of the Assumption on August 15th.

León: Held on the 2nd Sunday in December to collide with the feast day of the patron saint of the Indigenous community Sutiaba, Santa Lucía. 

La Purisima and La Griteria 

Nicaragua’s population is mostly catholic. La purisima and la griteria are heavily religious traditions. Devotees of the Immaculate Conception begin to build altars in their households in honor of the Virgin Mary.  This tradition is celebrated widely across the Pacific/western Nicaragua. 

During the first 8 days of December, some households invite neighbors and friends to pray together and read the novena. On the last day, la griteria, also known as the end of the purisima is held. Fireworks mark the beginning of the celebration at 7 pm every year, locals know this as “el repique”. After this, devotees walk from altar to altar to sing songs to the immaculate conception, it is tradition to shout “Quién causa tanta alegría?” (What causes such happiness?) to which the host responds, “La Concepción de María” (Mary’s conception).

Nicaraguan Festivals in Rancho Santana Luxury Resort 

If you envision a unique holiday alongside your loved ones, escape to a tropical paradise like Rancho Santana. We hold an annual Rancho Santana hipica in August along with off-site experiences to explore the local charm. 

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