Playa Santana

Surf Report

Playa Santana is located directly in front of Rancho Santana’s main clubhouse. It’s a favorite surfing, swimming and fishing destination for residents and guests.


For those who wish to enjoy a beach with the most amenities nearby, Playa Santana meets those expectations. The entire clubhouse, restaurant, and main pool area are only steps away, where residents can also find a horseshoe pit and bocci court to toss their best “shoe” or roll their best ball with ocean waves crashing nearby.


Playa Santana is a favorite surfing wave for the more seasoned surfer.


After a brisk walk along Santana beach, enjoy a visit to the spa to reward tired muscles.

Playa Rosada

Surf Report

This quaint, land-locked beach offers the flexibility of using both its own clubhouse pool as well as the beach area. Perfect for the shell collector, a stroll along the rocks leads you back to the Clubhouse at Playa Santana.


Surfers are also drawn to Playa Rosada’s challenging left-point break. Although waves average 3’–5’, they still hold up very well with double overhead. It’s no wonder that surfers with a taste for adventure are flocking to Nicaragua’s southern Pacific coast!

Rosada Clubhouse

There is both a pool and smaller clubhouse overlooking Rosada beach for the exclusive use by guests and owners.


The sunsets are legendary here at Rancho Santana, and there’s no better viewing spot than Playa Rosada.

Playa Escondida

South of Playa Rosada lies Playa Escondida (“Hidden Beach”). Playa Escondida is a long stretch of uninterrupted sand that’s practically cut off from the rest of the world. Like Playa Rosada, it is landlocked within the Rancho Santana grounds.


The nearby reef also makes Playa Escondida a favorite spot for snorkeling. It’s also an ideal surf casting spot for some of Rancho Santana’s anglers, too.


Don’t worry about privacy at this beach. It’s not uncommon to have Playa Escondida all to yourself.

Playa Duna

Playa Duna demands some tough walking and step climbing. This beach, however, rewards your efforts with stunning rock formations and absolute privacy. Be sure to turn the corner around the submarine rock to see the famous dune.


Like playas Rosada and Escondida, this beach, too, is landlocked within the Rancho Santana compound. You might want to skip your workout that day if you plan to go this beach, though.


You know when you’re on this beach that very few people have ever been on it, and very few will ever be on it.

Playa Los Perros

If you like long quiet walks on the beach, Playa Los Perros is the spot for you. Like Playa Santana to the north, our southernmost beach connects to a long stretch of uninterrupted coast — nearly four miles in this case. You can wander at your leisure with hardly an interruption.


Since there are no rocks along this beautiful white beach, it’s ideal for swimming. It’s also a favorite fishing spot for those in the know… but the area is sparsely populated, so crowds are never a problem.


Playa Los Perros is just north of two of the better-known surfing beaches in the area: Panga Drops and Colorado. When you’re done sunning and swimming at Los Perros, just grab your board and hit the waves.