Month: November 2022

Nicaragua Celebrations over the Holidays

Nicaragua Celebrations at Rancho Santana

December holds a special place in Nicaraguan hearts, it’s a month of traditions, joy, and, above all, celebrating with the community. Parties and celebrations are commonly held during this month, with festivities kicking off as early as the first week of December to celebrate La Purísima or Gritería. 

Nicaraguan Holiday traditions

With such a vast property and so many ventures, we consider the life cycle of everything we use; promoting recyclable and biodegradable materials in our restaurants and kitchens, composting organic waste and using it as fertilizer for our farm and garden, and going so far as to grow our own feed for our farm animals. 

As we look to the future, we are excited to develop even more creative solutions that will honor this community and our natural environment and continue to make a positive impact on this earth. 


La Purísima or Gritería is a traditional festivity of the immaculate conception celebrated by Nicaraguan Catholics. Over time, this tradition has become very common and is celebrated widely across the pacific/western Nicaragua.





A Nicaraguan Christmas is also unique to those who are used to snowy Christmas. Traditionally, this Holiday is celebrated with extended family on Christmas Eve. Festivities include Nicaraguan Christmas foods such as relleno navideño (Nicaraguan stuffing), gallina de patio (garden hen), or smoked ham, and an array of side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Families gather to enjoy this celebratory dinner together and stay up until midnight to officially celebrate Christmas and open presents together. 


Like many others, our culture celebrates with a party into the early hours of January 1st and, of course, lots of dancing and fireworks! Tourists are always drawn to one particular tradition: when driving through towns in the days leading up to the New Year’s celebrations, you may notice what appear to be men or women sitting on sidewalks or next to front doors. On closer inspection, you will realize they are life-sized dolls. These dolls are made by the household with old clothing, newspapers, and scraps and decorated to later be burnt on the night of New Year’s Eve. This doll is called “el año viejo” and symbolizes the ending of the old year to bring in the new one.

Rancho Santana’s Nicaragua Celebrations Activities

If the prospect of a tropical backdrop of palm trees, sunshine, and warmth is tempting you to escape the cold, here at The Ranch you will be greeted with heartfelt hospitality, Nicaraguan traditions, and fun experiences for all.

Whether you want to treat yourself, engage your family in fun activities, embark on adventures, or give back to the community, The Ranch has something for everyone to enjoy.


Replenish your soul and spirit before the end of the year with daily yoga at our treetop palapa or try our seasonal Coffee & Cacao Scrub at The Spa in El Bosque. The sounds of birds chirping and rustling leaves will only add to the ultimate wellness experience. Join us for our special Winter Solstice Yoga with live music and meditation.  



Alongside our staple events for the festive season, our team is pleased to be hosting The Feast of Seven Fishes featuring fresh local catch this holiday season for Christmas Eve for the first time.

Guests will also be able to enjoy our Annual Family-style Christmas Dinner and our New Year’s Eve party and dance the last of 2022 away with music and surprises at our 90s-themed party.


surf in nicaragua rancho santana

The Beach & Surf Club is the destination if you’re looking to perfect your surfing technique. Our expert guides are available for lessons 3 times a day to teach you the basics or help you master the sport during your stay. For those wishing to venture out on their own, the shop offers an extensive quiver of boards for rent.



Whether you decide to try horseback riding, mountain biking, or hiking across our trails, you will be able to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in the magical sounds and sights of the forest and the sea.  


The holidays are a joyful time for the little ones, and The Ranch is no different. Watch your kids join in the holiday spirit by decorating cookies and ornaments, watching movies, and meeting Santa himself. The Kids Club is on hand to organize fun experiences that will leave your kids with lasting memories.  


This season, we are celebrating in true form with our featured off-property tour, Conectando Corazones. Learn about local organizations that are contributing to the surrounding communities and get to know their work first-hand. Guests are welcome to support the organization of their choosing and give back to the community that has helped make The Ranch what it is today.