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turtles at playa escondida Rancho Santana

Turtles Sanctuary


Rancho Santana is host to thousands of little visitors every year who make themselves comfortable on our beaches, without even booking a single stay. I’m talking about turtles, of course! Each year, about 6,000 Green Turtles (the most common) and three other species lay their eggs buried in the sand at Playa Escondida. Once hatched, they collectively make the epic and life-affirming journey to the ocean only meters away.


To accommodate these little guests, we’ve transformed much of Playa Escondida into a world-renowned turtle sanctuary, providing shelter for turtle hatchlings and protecting their eggs to give them the best chance of survival. Our sanctuary was designed by conservationists and experts in the field, and we have ecologists on-site to monitor the turtle nests as well as guide our visitors through this ecological experience. We’ve even recently added a permanent structure that houses the most vulnerable of the hatchling population, shielding them further from the elements and predators.  It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and giving back to nature that’s at the core of Rancho Santana’s values. The turtle hatchings are so precious but fleeting that we send out a text to our guests when we know they are hatching. That way, you can rush over to join us and watch them make their first nascent journey across the beach and out to sea!



Duration: About 2 hours  
Bring: A bottle of water, your camera, and your curiosity.


There are lots of activities from hiking to mountain biking to sand boarding down dunes. The staff notified me when the turtles were hatching and made sure to get me there to witness this amazing event.” AnnH

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