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Surfing is a top activity at Rancho Santana for a reason: offshore breezes, warm water, and a variety of waves at multiple beaches create optimal conditions for beginners and experts alike. Experience Nicaragua’s surf season at The Ranch.

Riding The Ranch’s Waves

Three of Rancho Santana’s five beaches are popular  Nicaraguan surf spots among surfers. Experienced surfers flock to Playa Santana, a beach break that serves up powerful barrels that go left and right. Catch the best conditions here at mid to high tide. The same crowd also paddles out at Playa Rosada, known for its left point reef break. As for newbies, the place to be is Playa Los Perros, where the waves are more gentle and Rancho Santana surf coaches are ready to give you a lesson. 

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The Beach & Surf Club at Playa Los Perros is home to our Surf Shop, where you can grab gear (extra wax, rashguards, and tees, for example) and rent a board. Then, wander over to La Taqueria, also at Playa Los Perros, for shrimp tacos and refreshing tequila cocktails while you recap the day’s wins and wipeouts. But the ultimate post-surf spot is the Spa in El Bosque, where a massage can soothe paddle-weary arms.

Upcoming Retreats

Stay tuned for upcoming Rancho Santana wellness and surf-focused retreats. Or, create your own themed gathering.

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