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7S Double Down 6’8 x 22 x 3 1/8

The 7S Double Down aims to increase your wave count and enhance your small wave repertoire by offering the paddle advantages of high volume mixed into a stable yet responsive hybrid design that can be ridden much shorter than a standard surfboard.  The nose and tail dimensions at 12″ are the same, creating a parallel rail-line through the middle. This translates to a bigger planing zone and a larger sweet spot.

7s Double Down Funboard

Firewire ADDvance 6’10 x 3 1/16 x 22 5/8

The ADDvance offers extreme flotation. Combining the buoyancy of a longboard with a contemporary outline, the ADDvance Series opens up new possibilities for fun and performance.  LFT (Linear Flex Technology) Bamboo Deckskin – This option incorporates a bamboo deckskin as well as the Firewire’s SPRINGER HD, a 0.75” (18 mm) wide aerospace composite that runs down the centerline of the board, representing the next generation in SPRINGER technology.

Firewire ASSvance 6'10

Modern Lovechild 7’0 x 22 x 3 1/8

With loads of surface area up front, and a more tapered outline in the tail, the Modern Love Child is a versatile cruiser that is sure to double your wave count. This board paddles exceptionally well, has plenty of turning ability off the tail, and will adapt as the conditions, and your approach changes.

3.	Modern Lovechild 7’0 x 22 x 3 1/8

NSP Elements 7’2 x 21 ¹/² x 2 ³/⁴

A stunning combination of fantastic value, durability and performance, the Funboard is one of the most popular in the NSP range for progressing skills. The semi-rounded nose with low entry rocker design puts more volume up front to give more paddle power to catch waves early and easily. Domed deck profile allows a forgiving but sensitive rail feel while the rounded pintail is pulled in adding control in bottom turns and cutbacks.

4.	NSP Elements 7'2 x 21 ¹/² x 2 ³/⁴

Al Merrick Water Hog 7’2 x 17 x 1 3/4

This mini-longboard bridges the gap between the more performance oriented M-13 hybrid model and our longboard line. Low entry rocker for trimming and enough tail rocker to stay high performance. Bottom goes from flat entry with concave, to vee out the tail.

5.	Al Merrick Water Hog 7’2 x 17 x 1 3/4

Robert August What I Ride Mini 8’4 X 22 X 3

Same great template as the “What I Ride” long board, pared down for an easy to manage mid-range board! It makes sense to ride a board that maximizes your fun regardless of the conditions. “What I Ride” utilizes a 60/40 rail configuration which, in combination with a nifty tear drop concave conveniently placed under the 18″ wide nose, greatly enhances your style of nose riding.

6.	Robert August What I Ride Mini 8'4 X 22 X 3

Hayden Shapes The Shred Sled – 5,6 – 18 ¾ – 2 1/8

The Shred Sled is a fish design tweaked to be an all-round surfing board. It has a smooth connected feeling that is fast and flowing. Although it may appear to look like a small wave board, The Shred Sled will surf waves up to 6ft in all conditions.  The Shred Sled is designed to be ridden 4-5 inches shorter and ¾ to 1 inch wider than your average performance shortboard.

Hayden Shapes The Shred Sled

7’6 McTavish Carver Fun Board – 7’6 x 21” x 2 7/8”

Loose and lively off the tail, the Carver is the staple in the McTavish mid-length range. Versatile in all conditions for any level of rider. The reliable bottom-shape features a single to double concave, which excels in medium to large waves. Features 3-stage rocker, a rounded squared pin tail, and boxy 60/40 rails. Bottom contour features double concave tail and single nose concave.


McTavish Carver Fun Board

Surftech Haut – Hybrid 8’0 “x 21.5” x 3.1

8’0″ Haut Hybrid – The Performance 8’0 consist of templates and rockers that are in-between the mini longboard to shortboard shape. Easy to ride and plenty of turning. Works well in a wide range of surf.

Surftech Haut Hybrid

7s Aussie Fish – 6’11 x 21 x 2 5/8

Hugely popular high volume fish surfboard with a stepped deck. A great all rounder for the vast majority of surfers, the Aussie is one of 7s’ best selling boards. The swallow tail enables more turning sensitivity, making it easier to make sharp turns.

7s Aussie Fish Surf Rental

NSP Fun-board – 6´8’’ x 21’’ x 2.8

A worldwide favorite, the 6’8” is a versatile design that packs a punch. Experts will be surprised at the performance and balance — not too big, not too small. Intermediates will love the forgiving characteristics and surf-ability.


Al Merrick KS Semi Pro 12 – 6.3-18 5/8- 2 5/16

Fine-tuned during the course of Kelly’s 2011 campaign, the Semi-Pro 12 comes from Kelly’s wider forward outline which incorporates a 12″ nose. The main purpose of this design change was to allow for more volume which translates to easier paddling and wave catching while still accommodating a short rail for Kelly’s signature arcs.  Designed to be ridden the same length you are tall, or up to 2″ longer.

Al Merrick KS Semi Pro

Lucas Performance- 7’6’’ 13 1/2 x 22 x 14 3/4 x 2 1/8

This hybrid fun board offers length for great stability, with a short board style nose so it can slice through the water with ease and enable you to make turns where other fun boards fall short. The tri-fin design allows for maximum hold against the wave. The squash tail offers more width, providing lift and an easier plane to maintain speed and control.

Lucas Performance Surf Board

Takayama – Egg Red – 7’6″

If you’re not quite ready to “rip and shred” on a short board or “cruise” on a long board, then the Hawaiian Pro Designs Egg is the perfect solution. This model is an egg-looking shape that allows the rider to trim high on the wave in the middle of the board or race down the line on the tail, whichever the rider prefers. This board is also a perfect for beginners because of the overall forgiving shape that allows for a variety of mistakes without loss of speed or maneuverability. For a beginner or advanced rider, this board is an extremely fun alternative on any day.

Takayama Egg Red 7.6 Rental

Donald Takayama Flo Egg – 7’2”x 21 3/4” x 2 7/8”

The Flo Egg is nothing like the traditional Egg Donald makes, this  board is a low rail, single fin wonder. This one is for those who like the long drawn out, full rail turns of the single fin shortboard days. A throwback to a time when shortboarders still had a log or two in their regular quiver, but who wanted to experience tighter, more in the pocket turns than their longboards allowed them.

Donald Takayama Flo Egg

Takayama – Egg Red – 7´10’’

This fun board is a classic large teardrop/egg shape with no flat spot in the template. Pinched rails are tucked into a driving pintail. Under hull, it rolls from single concave to double with enough V to keep it stable in chop. The bottom shape is so subtle that it outweighs all but the abilities of the very best surfer.

Takayama Egg Red

Trident – 8’0” x 22 ¾” x 2 7/8”

This durable epoxy longboard is surprisingly light and gives a great ride in all wave conditions. They’re designed for surfers of every type and every experience level.

Trident 8.0 Rental

Coco Mat NSP – 7´10’’ 22’’ x 3 ¼’’

Like the name suggests, NSP Coco Mat fun boards are designed to make surfing easy and provide endless hours of fun and enjoyment in the ocean. Modeled off traditional longboards, these feature a full nose, rounded pintail, and a generous well-balanced outline that’s both stable and responsive in a variety of surf conditions. NSP Coco Mat fun boards are constructed using a unique patented technology that combines natural coconut husk fibers and epoxy to produce a board that’s incredibly lightweight and extremely durable. These boards are fast, forgiving and have plenty of volume, making them perfect for travelers and novice surfers as they become more confident in their ability.

Coco Mat NSP  7´10’ Rental

Rusty Dessert Island – 8’0″ 21.85 2.81

The standard template resembles a short board with its moderate rocker, modern rails and double concave throughout the bottom, but its buoyancy and stability keep it familiar for the longboarder.  This board is excellent for catching a ton of waves.  For the beginner to intermediate surfer.

Rusty Dessert Island