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Spread across 2,700 oceanfront acres, Rancho Santana is a world-class resort and residential community with beaches, hiking trails, fine dining, outdoor adventure, and a wellness sanctuary.

The Story

It all started with six friends, an unforgettable trip to Nicaragua, and a dream to share a beloved property with the world. While visiting the country in 1997, the friends met Sr. Granados, who personally showed the group around a piece of land for sale by his family. As they hiked, climbed, and explored the rugged 2,700 acres, Sr. Granados shared his vision of what the property could be with a community behind it.

The friends formed that very community, buying the property and remaining close to Sr. Granados and his family as they built homes for themselves and their friends. Infrastructure quickly followed, including roads, water filtration systems, and electricity. That in turn brought even more homes, plus clubhouses, restaurants, and riding stables. Eventually, they created The Inn & Residences, a luxury boutique hotel experience, so that the rest of the world could share in the vision, too. Today, “the Rancho resort” is celebrated by the likes of Travel & Leisure as a top hotel in the world. Though at its heart it remains an ever-evolving community for friends.

The Destination

The Ranch has its unique location on Nicaragua’s pristine Emerald Coast to thank for its superb surfing reputation. Rolling hills, a sand dune, and dry tropical forests are part of the landscape here, too.  

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The Five Beaches

The Rancho resort’s  sprawling property has not one, not two… but five pristine beaches. Picture it: You could spend Monday through Friday at a different beach each day. Get the lay of the (sand-covered) land…

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Useful Tips

Nicaraguan hospitality means we’re at your service, even during your planning. Visit our Useful Tips page for frequently asked questions about the destination and property. 

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