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Find Adventures on the Lakes, Rivers, and Volcanoes of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes. And with 19 volcanoes throughout the country, and a...

Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes. And with 19 volcanoes throughout the country, and a name believed to be derived from a Nahuatl word and roughly translated to “kingdom surrounded by large bodies of water”, it is no wonder why.  Out of all 19 volcanoes in Nicaragua, seven remain active to this day, including some of the ones on this list.  Across the country, there are many experiences to explore, from zip lining to hiking and so much more, Nicaragua’s landscape naturally lends itself to adventure.  

Hike the Famous Volcanoes of Nicaragua

For those wanting to explore the vast variety of volcanoes across Nicaragua, Rancho Santana offers 3 different tours featuring some of the most prominent volcanoes in the country: The Masaya Volcano, Mombacho in Granada, and Concepción and Maderas on the volcanic island of Ometepe. 

Explore Nicaragua beyond The Ranch with any of our guided experiences to these volcanoes, each offers a singular experience and is great for hiking and taking in nature.   

masaya volcano in Nicaragua

Masaya Volcano

The Masaya Volcano is one of the most popular tourists stops in Nicaragua and perhaps the most famous volcano in Nicaragua because of its location near Managua and the cultural city of Masaya.Once called the mouth of hell, this volcano is an obligatory stop at sundown, the best time to take in the full splendor of the crater and its red lava, a truly unique and unforgettable spectacle for the eyes.  
For that reason, the Masaya Volcano is often the last stop on our Granada & Masaya – Lakes & Volcanoes tour. Although the Masaya volcano is active, it has not had any significant eruptions in over 14 years and remains a safe and popular place for sightseeing.

mombacho volcano in Nicaragua

Mombacho Volcano

Located in Granada, Mombacho volcano is truly a sight to see, this natural reserve is sure to wow you with the vast variety of flora you will see, it is also a great favorite for hikers. 
And it is no wonder, as it features three different trails traversing the cloud forest and ranging in length and difficulty. Explore the incredible panoramic views throughout the volcano, and even go as far up to the main crater to get a first-hand experience of its fumaroles.
To top off your visit to this impressive volcano, you can zip line across the treetops to get a full scope of the forest.

Concepción & Maderas

Ometepe is a natural wonder, just a 30-minute drive and ferry ride from The Ranch this island is home to not only one but two remarkable volcanoes – Concepción and Maderas. 
The 10-hour hike up Concepción and its shorter alternative up Maderas volcano aresure to deliver adrenaline, impressive views, adventure, and a challenging workout. 
However, the island is also just an all-around beautiful place to spend the day with panoramic views of lake Nicaragua, and our experienced tour guides are happy to take you sightseeing.  

Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro ​

And lastly, for those looking for the ultimate adventure, Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro Volcano might be just the right fit. 
This active volcano is known for its sand boarding experience, which requires an hour-long uphill hike before sliding down 2624.67 ft (800 m) on a wooden board over the rock and ash to the bottom. 
This may sound intimidating, but it is certain to be rewarding, adrenaline-filled, and exciting. It’s an adventure you’re not likely to be able to experience anywhere else.

Discover the history and natural beauty of Nicaragua through our selection of off-property guided tours.

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