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Passion in Paradise: Romantic Resorts

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a romantic retreat. Jetting off to a resort with your significant other is a...

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a romantic retreat. Jetting off to a resort with your significant other is a magical moment that’s sure to create wonderful, lasting memories. From the serene beauty of a breathtaking resort to the exclusive amenities and intimate experiences, resort getaways are the perfect way to reconnect and deepen your love and adventure together. 

Defining Romance in Resort Settings

Before booking your romantic getaway, it’s important to decide what you and your partner would find most romantic. Romance is different for everyone — what one couple might find romantic, another might not! Perhaps you and your sweetie prefer a relaxing, private ambiance featuring secluded beaches, nature massages, and stunning vistas. Or maybe your idea of romance includes an unforgettable private excursion to the crater of an active volcano or a day of sailing on a luxury catamaran. 

The essential elements of any romantic getaway, regardless of a couple’s definition of romance, are location, design, privacy, and personalized services. However you choose to spend your paradise retreat, remember these elements when choosing your destination. 

Luxury Amenities for Couples at Romantic Resorts

A vast majority of resorts cater to couples looking for a romantic escape. Romantic resort vacations come with a variety of amenities to help craft the getaway of your dreams.

Rooms can be upgraded to romantic packages — think champagne, flower petals, soaking tubs, and more! 

Indulge in couples’ spa treatments for a day of relaxation, ending with private dining options for a romantic date night. These special touches can enhance your getaway, increasing relaxation and bringing you and your partner closer than ever.

Rancho Santana offers luxury amenities for couples looking for a more romantic experience. 

Exclusive Dinners Served with Your Favorite View

Our intimate dinner option is catered to you. Choose your favorite unforgettable spot — on the shore of any of our beaches, under the Clubhouse’s tamarindo tree, or on the terrace of our hillside chapel — and enjoy a delicious and exclusive dinner for two. 

A Couples Massage in the Trees

Rancho’s 6,000-square-foot spa and wellness sanctuary, built into the rugged hillside and surrounded by lush forest, transports couples into a state of pure relaxation and bliss. Enjoy a private cabana couples massage tucked in the trees.

Activities for Couples at Romantic Resorts

Sharing experiences with your sweetie helps build stronger connections while creating memories you’ll cherish for years. Romantic resorts offer activities tailored for couples. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking couple or on the hunt for ultimate relaxation, you’ll surely find an activity you and your partner will love. From romantic sunset cruises, private beach picnics, cooking classes, gorgeous kayaking excursions, horseback riding on the beach, and anything in between! Romantic retreats are all about connecting with your special person and sharing the experience together.

Rancho Santana’s bountiful range of activities offers something for every couple looking to have fun and make new memories. 

Explore the Emerald Coast on Horseback

Sign up for our three-day equestrian package and explore Nicaragua in a new and thrilling way. Each ride on our pristine beaches will immerse you in the beauty of our Emerald Coast. The rides will take you through our turtle sanctuary, the local town of Limon, and end with a romantic, private sunset ride. 

The Thrill of a Volcano Picnic

Take your love on an unforgettable hillside hike where you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery, monkeys, exotic birds, and sloths. Once you’ve reached the top, enjoy a gourmet picnic with breathtaking views of a volcano and Lake Nicaragua

Stand-Up Paddle Board the Pacific Coast

Experience Rancho Santana’s pristine coastline on a guided Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) tour! There’s nothing like a serene day paddling along the coast and soaking in the stunning views with your love. This is the perfect activity for ocean lovers looking for the ideal blend of adventure and serenity. 

Planning Your Romantic Resort Getaway

Nicaragua is a no-brainer when choosing the destination for your next romantic getaway. With its beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests, diverse ecosystem, and unforgettable adventure, the land of lakes and volcanoes is the perfect place to create romantic moments. Nicaragua offers rich experiences at a more reasonable price than other locations. The amenities, activities, and luxury-meets-breathtaking scenery can’t be beaten! 

Be sure to plan ahead and keep Nicaragua’s two seasons in mind! December through May is the dry season, offering a more summer feel, while the wet season — May through November — offers flourishing greenery, epic waves, and just as much romance. 

Rancho Santana: One of the Top Romantic Resorts

Rancho Santana guarantees a romantic retreat that will bring you and your other half closer than ever and help create cherished memories. Whether you’re looking for private dinners, relaxing spa days, intimate adventures, or volcano hikes, exploring the coast on horseback, and paddling along the Pacific coast, Rancho Santana is the perfect destination for your next romantic vacation.

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