by rancho santana


A Restorative Yoga Retreat  in Nicaragua Awaits

Rancho Santana’s natural beauty, its beaches, forest, and cliffs, encourages true restoration.

Experience the ideal setting for focusing on your well-being

Greet the sun with slow, thoughtful movements guided by experienced instructors.

Breathe in organic essential oils like lavender and rosemary. Listen to the songs and calls of the birds in the forest.

To our experienced therapists and yoga instructors, wellness is more than just a massage or a class.

Spend a Week in Tuscany

Wellness is a commitment to healing from within. Our wellness experiences create harmony between mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic living entails movement but also nourishes the body with ingredients grown in mother nature.

At Rancho Santana, a big focus of our yoga retreats is food.


Santana Farm and Garden

Our Santana Farm and Santana Garden provide all ingredients to our four restaurants on-site.

Picture fresh dragon fruit smoothie bowls every morning for breakfast or grilled “Catch of the Day” enjoyed seaside for lunch.