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The Stables

Enjoy the unparalleled beauty of Nicaragua on horseback, as Rancho Santana features a variety of equestrian experiences. Start at our Stables to meet our well-trained and cared-for horses and receive riding instructions before we depart on your four-legged adventure.  


You can choose from a horseback ride along the beach at sunset, meander through nearby villages to soak in the local culture (and wave hello to the enthusiastic children), or trot along our extensive network of paths through the jungle.  We have a horseback ride for every level of skill and experience, and true equestrians can enjoy advanced Stallion Dancing, unique to Nicaragua’s horses who dance in local parades called Hipicas. 


Duration: About 2 hours  


Bring: A water bottle, a fanny pack for your phone and small items (we don’t recommend a backpack), and most riders are more comfortable in long pants and closed shoes. 


“Our time at Rancho Santana was exactly what we were looking for. In terms of activities we had a variety of choices every day. Body surf / surf in the perfect curls. Hike through the forested hill sides. Grab a mountain bike or horse and hit the trails. Truly top notch experience.” Frank Trotter