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with Tanika Hoffman I August 7th - August 13th 2022

This August, retreat to Nicaragua for a week of sun, surf, and serenity with South African surf sensation, Tanika Hoffman. Enjoy the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation during a retreat that celebrates the best of the Pacific Coast and the Rancho Santana Good Life. 


*This itinerary is subject to change. A final itinerary will be sent to each participant upon confirmation.

  • Delicious farm-fresh meals
  • Farm & Garden Tour followed by a fine dining experience
  • 3 course Prix Fixe dinner under the stars
  • 6 nights at our The Residences beachfront
  • Access to all Rancho Santana amenities
  • Daily surfing and transportation to the different spots
  • Unlimited surfboard rentals
  • Boat trip
  • 2 private Yoga Classes
  • 1 private sunset bonfire
  • 1 spa experience including hot and cold pools and Wellness Massage
  • In water and drone photos and videos
  • A special care package from Rancho Santana and Billabong
  • Airport Transfer to and from Liberia Airport


While Tanika Hoffman didn’t come from a long lineage of surfers, she’s as graceful in the water as someone who was born with ocean spray coursing through her veins.

In 2013, she and her South Africa teammates took home the Gold Medal at the World Surfing Games in Panama. She attributes much of her surfing success to the great waves of Long Beach, her local break and the wide variety of waves from forgiving beach breaks to challenging reefs and powerful rocky points. But make no mistake: she’s a self-made water woman, a curious student of the sea, growing up on the shores of Cape Town where she honed her surfing skills and stood out from the crowd. 

Forever a keen observer of the world, Tanika is as captivated by cultures and architecture around the globe as she is the highs and lows of competition, the inspiring and sometimes disheartening lessons only a spot in the World Qualifying Series could afford someone. Without a surfing history written for her yet, she’s manifesting her own, and we can’t wait for the next chapter.

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surfing in nicaragua Rancho Santana


  • Who is this retreat for? 

Any and all ocean, surf and adventure lovers! This retreat will bring together a group of beginner-intermediate surfers who are comfortable in the ocean and are excited about surfing in warm waters and on a variety of waves. 

  • What will I take away from this experience? 

You’ll get to surf as much as you want to and experience the natural, unspoiled beauty of Nicaragua and the elegance and charm of Rancho Santana. You’ll get to surf with a water photographer and go home with an abundance of pictures not only of the surf, but also of other activities enjoyed during the trip. 

You’ll gain confidence in the surf through the tips and support of Tanika Hoffman who will be  helping with positioning in the line up so that you get as many waves as possible. 

You’ll also experience everything Rancho Santana has to offer: beautiful accommodations, delicious food, yoga, and amazing facilities.

  • The top 5 things to know before booking this retreat. 

1) The retreat will be limited to 10 participants.

2)This is meant to be a fun and easy-going surf experience, not a coaching clinic. Tanika Hoffman will be joining all the surf experiences and trips and will be available to give pointers to surfers and share her knowledge about positioning in the surf, where to paddle out, and what the best waves are.  She will also be available to help with equipment choices.

2) The schedule is flexible and participants have the freedom to explore The Ranch and surf in their own time and sit surf sessions out if they’re not comfortable with the conditions. 

3) Rancho Santana is home to surf spots that are only accessible by guests staying on property, making this retreat an exclusive opportunity to surf away from the crowds and have access to surf breaks just steps away from your accommodations- a true luxury surf experience. 

4) Accommodation options at Rancho Santana vary between individual hotel rooms and 3-bedroom/3-bathroom resort residences with living room and kitchen. Guests have the option of booking either room category. If retreat participants would like to share a multi-bedroom accommodation (3 guest limit), they are welcome to arrange this with each other beforehand.   

5) All meals and activities listed in the itinerary are included in the total rate. Meals and activities enjoyed outside of the itinerary will be charged to guests on an individual basis.