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Unveiling a new Turtle Sanctuary.

turtles beach nicaragua rancho santana
turtles beach nicaragua rancho santana
turtles beach nicaragua rancho santana

For years, our team has provided shelter for turtle hatchlings at Playa Escondida, saving and guarding the eggs to maximize their chances of survival.

These efforts are part of our core contribution to sustainability and giving back to nature. Every year, about 25,000 turtles lay their eggs on beaches across the country, with many of them choosing Playa Escondida as their perfect nesting location.

The Green Turtle is the most common turtle species to visit The Ranch, but in total, four different turtle species migrate to Playa Escondida annually, generating nearly 6,000 live hatchlings a year. As such, we’ve found it important to continually undergo training from experts in the area to ensure that we are sheltering these animals to the best of our abilities.

Enter our Turtle Sanctuary. The Turtle Sanctuary was built with the expert consultation and advice of Paso Pacífico, a nonprofit leader in turtle conservation efforts in Nicaragua. Throughout the pandemic, our team has worked to create a more solid structure for added security. The new sanctuary has space for 30 nests — as a reference, each turtle lays about 60 ‑100 eggs — which is more than enough space to house all of the nests we normally see each year.

This new structure will help protect the eggs from high tides in the upcoming turtle season this August to October, while still offering enough surrounding space for guests to visit safely.

Discover The Spa in El Bosque

spa wellness rancho santana

El Bosque Massage Spa and Wellness

Back in 2020, we had the pleasure of opening our new wellness sanctuary, The Spa in El Bosque. Named for its location amid the rugged hillside, it offers visitors unique sweeping vistas of the region’s rolling hills. The Spa in El Bosque is a true escape and oasis.

Massage Spa Setting

The 6,000 square foot spa is a cool respite from the sun and surf and invites you to relax with a rotating roster of immersive treatments and seasonal offerings.

Its four cabanas are built from Nicaraguan Cedro Macho and Frijolillo wood, accented with handmade iron fixtures, equipped with single and double massage tables and en-suite showers.

Spa Treatments and Services

Discover the treatments and services provided by The Spa in El Bosque. Unwind and relax in Rancho Santana’s natural beauty.

With a broad range of wellness treatments, The Spa in El Bosque has become a fast favorite offering everything from massages, body scrubs, and facials — all using locally sourced ingredients, as well as regular salon beauty services (available by request).

In addition to these traditional treatments, our team also includes an expert in Eastern Medicine and Holistic practices – such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Shiatsu, among others. The treatments can be personalized according to your needs and help with pain relief, immunity, circulation, insomnia, relaxation, and more.

To book an appointment, please feel free to contact us.

We invite you to take a look at our virtual tour of The Spa in El Bosque.

A look at the beautiful Pottery around The Inn.

Chances are you’ve noticed the beautiful pottery around The Inn. Pottery is featured heavily around the staircases and all around The Courtyard, as well as in each of the guestrooms. Pottery can also be found in our other accommodations, including The Residences and Ocean View Homes. 

The majority of the pottery is made in Nicaragua and were selected to give a traditional Nicaraguan touch to the rustic California-style architecture of The Inn and Clubhouse. Some of the artists featured are renowned pottery masters, including the Maldonado brothers, Emmanuel and Miguel; and Duilio Jiménez.

Miguel and Emmanuel Maldonado are currently two of the premiere ceramics artisans from San Juan de Oriente. They are known for infusing modern and geometric motifs into the techniques they learned from their stepfather, Helio Gutiérrez, a world-renowned and award-winning artisan who is widely credited for forging the path for the modernization of Nicaraguan Pottery.

Duilio Jiménez began making pottery when he was just eleven years old. His work takes inspiration from the traditional Nicaraguan and pre-Columbian style — creating variations with rich hues and masterful techniques.

If you’d like to own a piece by one of these artists, feel free to take a look at Galeria Rancho Santana.