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A look at the beautiful Pottery around The Inn.

Chances are you’ve noticed the beautiful pottery around The Inn. Pottery is featured heavily around the staircases and all around The Courtyard, as well as in each of the guestrooms. Pottery can also be found in our other accommodations, including The Residences and Ocean View Homes. 

The majority of the pottery is made in Nicaragua and were selected to give a traditional Nicaraguan touch to the rustic California-style architecture of The Inn and Clubhouse. Some of the artists featured are renowned pottery masters, including the Maldonado brothers, Emmanuel and Miguel; and Duilio Jiménez.

Miguel and Emmanuel Maldonado are currently two of the premiere ceramics artisans from San Juan de Oriente. They are known for infusing modern and geometric motifs into the techniques they learned from their stepfather, Helio Gutiérrez, a world-renowned and award-winning artisan who is widely credited for forging the path for the modernization of Nicaraguan Pottery.

Duilio Jiménez began making pottery when he was just eleven years old. His work takes inspiration from the traditional Nicaraguan and pre-Columbian style — creating variations with rich hues and masterful techniques.

If you’d like to own a piece by one of these artists, feel free to take a look at Galeria Rancho Santana.