Please note: to ensure availability for guests taking on-site surf lessons, we’re unable to reserve soft-top boards for guests in advance.
If you are interested in soft-top boards during your stay, please inquire at the Beach & Surf Club for same-day availability.

CBC Sushi – 5’9”

This soft-top short board is great for children or intermediate surfers of any age who have already learned the fundamentals of surfing and are ready to make turns and rib the curl of the wave like the pros. Tri-fin with a wide nose, this board is ready to perform.  While still child-friendly, sporting a soft surface to reduce injury, this board can be used by any surfer looking to have fun safely.


Surftech Soft Top – 8’0 x 21.5” x 3.13”

The Surftech Softop has been the industry standard for over 20 years and is designed for any level surfer from beginner to pro. The hard bottom provides the stiffness needed for fast down-the-line surfing while the soft deck is safe for the beginning rider. They are extremely durable, lightweight and guaranteed fun.

Surftech Soft Top Rental

Soft Boards Wave Storm 8´0   (5 boards)

There is probably no better introductory board for beginners than the Wave Storm.  Soft-tops are more forgiving than a hard-board, but still provide a lot of stability.  Light-weight, soft & easy to handle, the 8ft Classic Longboard is one of the best-selling learn-to-surf models in the market.

Soft Boards Wave Storm 8´0

Three Palm Co. Soft Surfboard 9’0  &  9’2  (2 boards)

Stacked with extra volume, and constructed to keep beginners safe, the Three Palms Soft Surfboard has been purpose build to withstand some rough treatment, and the repetitive use associated with the rental market. With a focus on stability, the outline of this board is full bodied from nose to tail, and it has plenty of extra width through the middle to give first timers ample opportunity to jump to their feet. The extra volume in this board means it’s extremely buoyant for paddling and catching waves easily, and to keep the board sitting high in the water when riding broken foam waves.

Three Palm Co. Soft Surfboard 9’0

8’2 Sunset Softboard

The Sunset Soft Performance is ideal for surfers or all abilities. It’s great ride, combined with epoxy performance and durability make it an excellent choice for surf.  These generously sized longboards were specifically designed to get you into your first waves.

8'2 Sunset Softboard

8’6 Sunset Softboard

Sunset Soft Performance surfboards combine the best of both styles of surfboards, soft and hard, into a fun, easy-to-use package. Comprised of a performance epoxy surfboard partially wrapped with soft material, most surfers find the ride similar to traditional boards. The soft foam deck and rails provide cushioning and creating a no wax needed surface.

8'6 Sunset Softboard

NSP P2 Soft Longboard 10’2 & 11’0    (2 boards)

The SecureCell EPS core is fully encased in a durable fiber epoxy shell and wrapped with a textured soft-top and slick bottom to soften any bumps. Protective rubber strips on the nose and tail ensure these boards take the abuse. These boards help beginners to quickly gain confidence and comfortably progress in the surf.

NSP P2 Soft Longboard 10’2

Soft Gnaraloo 8´0’’

Gnaraloo Soft-shell surfboards provide the ultimate in fun and safety for beginner surfers. Theses boards are incredibly buoyant, stable, and easy to ride. An embedded plywood stringer system maintains the integrity of the rocker while providing a stiff, stable platform. This allows you to paddle onto waves with minimal effort and feel confident once you’re on your feet. Your initiation into the world of surfing starts with a Gnaraloo Soft-shell surfboard.

Soft Gnaraloo 8’0

Soft Gnaraloo Fatty – 8´4’’

Soft Gnaraloo Fatty 9´2

Soft Gnaraloo Fatty 9´2’’   (2 boards)

Soft Gnaraloo Fatty 9´2

Soft Gnaraloo 9´0’’  (4 boards)

Soft Gnaraloo 8’0

Soft-top Cool Gray N1 – 10´0’’

This soft-top longboard is great for the beginner surfer with extra volume that allows it to paddle incredibly well and catch waves with ease. A beginner should start on a longboard shape to learn wave selection, paddling technique, and turning basics.

Soft Top Cool Gray N1