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Robert August What I Ride 9’0 X 22 X 3

It makes sense to ride a board that maximizes your fun regardless of the conditions. “What I Ride” utilizes a 60/40 rail configuration which, in combination with a nifty tear drop concave conveniently placed under the nose, greatly enhances your nose riding.

Robert August What I Ride 9'0 X 22 X 3

Donald Takayama – 8´6’’

The ultimate mini nose-rider! Surf the Scorpion from the nose or turn it on a dime from the tail.  This board you will find is one of the fastest and most fun mid-length boards on the water, thanks in part to the quad+1 fin set-up.

Donald Takayama 8.6 Surfboard Rental

Takayama Noah Ka Oi – 9’0″

This board was Noah Shimabukuro’s first board model by Donald Takayama. Probably one of the most versatile boards in the DT/Surf-tech collection; handles well in anything from 2nd reef Pipe to 2 ft. Malibu. Pulled in outline with beach break rocker for racier sections and late take offs. Great for tube rides, nose-rides, and performance surfing!

Takayama Noah Ka Oi Surfboard Rental

9’0 Mctavish Original Tuflite – 9’0” x 22” x 2 3/4”

The Original is a beach-break specialist with its extreme 3-stage rocker profile. Loose and fast off the tail, the Original also retains good nose-riding ability. Fin setup features a Center fin box with 7” Australian-made fiberglass McTavish fin AND FCS GX-Q side fins.


Mctavish Original Tuflite Surf Rentals

Surf-tech RF Dino Miranda Red – 9´0’’

The Dino is a blend of performance and all-around fun! Slightly rolled entry into the flat with down rails and hard edges in the tail, this board has a wider nose great for nose-riding.  Shaped by Randy French with three decades of experience under his belt of shaping and building surfboards you will enjoy the ride!

Coco Mat NSP – 9´2’’

The 9’2″ is the perfect longboard for anyone who wants a fun board that will last the tests of time. It’s a classic shape that works well across the board. You can’t go wrong with this classic modern performance longboard which will always deliver – from big bottom turns to long cruising nose rides.

Coco Mat NSP 9'2 Surf Rental

NSP Coco Mat Longboard – 9’6

The 9’6″ is a classic modern performance longboard which will always deliver – from big, bottom turns to long, cruising nose rides.

NSP Coco Mat Longboards are built using the world’s first patent pending surfboard construction using all natural coconut husk fibers. The coconut husk fibers provide an incredible strength to weight ratio, creating a beautiful, natural looking surfboard that is light and strong.  This board has a responsive, fluid ride with great flex characteristics.

NSP Coco Mat Longboard