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Surf experiences at The Ranch

The southwest coast of Nicaragua is renowned for having some of the best uncrowded surf breaks in Central America; three of which are on the beaches of Rancho Santana.  At The Ranch, we’ve got everything you need to get out of the water, from surfboard rentals and surf lessons to surf photography and guides.

Surf Lessons

surf in nicaragua Rancho Santana

If you have never been surfing or have not surfed in a while, the beginner surf class at Playa Los Perros will be the perfect fit for you.

We offer Surf classes on & off-site, in a group, or in private. Surf classes include surfboard and a bilingual surf instructor.

Surf Coaching

surf in nicaragua Rancho Santana

Do you know how to catch waves but want to take your surfing to the next level? This offer is perfect for you. 

Our bilingual surf coaches will show you the best surf spots around The Ranch and help you improve your surfing.

Surf Boat Trip

surf boat trip in nicaragua Rancho Santana

Take a trip further north to Lances Left and Playgrounds, or south to  Manzanillo and catch some waves from a boat.

Lances Left is one of the longest lefts in Central America. On big days, the main peak is surfed by advanced surfers only– but on smaller days, on the inside, it becomes great for intermediate surfers.

Surf Photography

Image of a surfer in a barrel during Nicaragua's dry season.
Take home photographic proof of the waves you caught. Immortalize your surf experience with surf photography and video for both private and group sessions.




“The surf shop has a great selection of boards and great instructors and guides. Whether you’re a complete novice or someone looking to improve, you can’t go wrong. We went to a new break near we’d never been to before and Lances Left with Darwin who was awesome. They also have a surf photographer. We’re always in the water at the same time, so we finally have some high quality photo evidence that we surf.” Cliff T