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sandbording Rancho Santana activity


Zooming down a steep 22-meter sand dune on an adapted bodyboard is one of the most fun things you’ll do in your lifetime – and it’s called Sandboarding. You can try this adrenaline-filled (but very safe) adventure right at Playa Duna in Rancho Santana. But you’ll have to earn your fun, as the hike up the sand dune is equally strenuous as the ride is action-packed.   

The good news is that no matter your fitness or comfort level, we can adapt the Sandboarding ride for you by starting on a lower spot on the dune. And the view of the surrounding ocean once you stop to catch your breath or go zipping down is well worth it. The ride may only take a few seconds, but you can go as many times as you wish – and the memories will last a lifetime!  

Duration: About 1.5 hours  
Bring: A water bottle, sun hat, workout or beach clothes, sunglasses (to keep sand out of your eyes, and your camera or GO Pro. 


“Our guide Erick helped us with whatever we needed from translation to finding the Monkeys on the ranch and even took us sandboarding down the dunes (a must do!). If you think it’s not safe, you would be wrong and you will miss a once in a lifetime trip!!!” Ray

sandbording Rancho Santana activity