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Las Cinco Playas Tour

Within the natural beauty of Rancho Santana’s 2,700 acres, you can enjoy any of five beaches: our main beach, Playa Santana, Playa Rosada, Playa Escondida, Playa Los Perros, and Playa Duna. Each has its own topography, marine ecosystem, and breathtaking vistas. From wild, wind-swept seashore to idyllic white sand, surfer’s paradise, and even a turtle sanctuary, there’s something for every sun worshipper (and member of the family) with our Cinco Playas tour.


This is a great tour to take your first day, as you’ll get the lay of the land and experience not only our five beaches, but an overview of our restaurants, residential properties, trails and roads, horse stables, the headlands, and craftsmen shops like the Mill and Iron Works.   


Duration: About 2 hours   

Bring: A water bottle, sun hat, sunscreen, and beach clothes in case you can’t resist taking a dip.


Don’t forget to ask for the five beaches tour or the Sunset hiking trail. It will not disappoint!” 305flaviasaks 

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