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Garden Tour

Take a fun stroll through our on-site gardens and orchards, learning about the 2,500 pounds of fresh, wholesome fruits, vegetables, and herbs we grow every month. You may be surprised to see the diversity of agriculture at Rancho Santana, including plenty of nutritious greens, cherry tomatoes, colorful peppers, sweet corn, a cornucopia of succulent citrus, and one of our favorites, habanero chilis. Our guides will point out the different crops, explain Rancho Santana’s vision of sustainability, and even offer context to better understand Nicaragua’s climate, traditional dishes, and history. 

The next time you sit down to a great meal at one of the Ranch’s on-site restaurants, you’ll recognize many of the items on your plate and know exactly where they came from!


Duration: About 1 hour  


Bring: A sun hat and your phone or camera.