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Farm Tour

Did you know that Rancho Santana raises a host of different animals right on our farm? 


From cows to goats, chickens to pigs, and even Pelibuey (short-haired sheep), all of our animals are raised ethically, promoting a healthy, quality life before they become sustenance. Come take a tour of the farm and see just how well they’re cared for and see our commitment to sustainability on display, such as producing our own compost and biogas. The farm produces fresh milk (dairy cow and goat milk), eggs, and yogurt daily, as well as cultivating our own salsa, sourdough bread, and a home-grown Rancho Santana brand of kombucha. The farm tour is a fun and informative exploration for our guests and especially for kids, and you’ll leave with a new appreciation for the nourishing, healthy food you’re served at Rancho Santana. 

Duration: About 1.5 hours  
Bring: It’s a good idea to wear sneakers for this tour.

farm cow nicaragua Rancho Santana
farm cow nicaragua Rancho Santana
farm chicken nicaragua Rancho Santana