Rancho Santana Reflects On Its 20 Years & Sees Itself Very Much In Love

Join us Saturday January 27, 2018 for a gallery opening featuring our signature collection of Central American art alongside a new body of work from SHE HIT PAUSE studios.

From January 27th through March 4th, Galeria Rancho Santana will feature limited-edition prints that capture the laid-back luxury and astounding beauty of the Ranch.

“True, everlasting love.”

20 years ago, we decided to go for it.

It was in the warm breezes that awakened our every sense, the waves that climbed up from the blue majesty of the Pacific and crashed along the shorelines, the peace we made with the day’s end as we took in the sunset, and the stories told by the stars that hung overhead.

It was in the smile that seemed to come so easily to the cattle farmer who showed us around.

He’d felt for years and years what we were feeling for the first time.

Matt Schwartz Rancho Santana Collaboration

It is the spirit of the Ranch. Over time, there has been change. People have come and gone.

But this spirit remains, and always will.

Matt Schwartz Rancho Santana 2a
Matt Schwartz Rancho Santana

Recently, in reflecting over the years between that visit and today we wondered, -what would the spirit look like in art form?

This experiment would require an entirely fresh perspective. Someone who had never seen or heard, touched, smelled or tasted Nicaragua. We set out to find a willing partner with enough depth and disparity in his work – someone’s whose integrity and passion we believed in. Shortly after sharing this idea with friends, we were introduced to photographer Matt Schwartz.

Over the summer, Matt spent nine days doing nothing but indulging his eye and his camera in the visual feast that is this place. He felt it too, and was back in the fall.

Matt Schwartz 20 Years Collaboration wth Rancho Santana

“I had a dream that you were mine”

This series of work is an ode to my love affair with Nicaragua.

It is a visual love song. The images were taken during my first visit to Rancho Santana in 2017.  I had newborn eyes and was in Nicaragua for the first time.

All images that I take are images that I need to exist. They are slowed down moments that I personally want to live inside of forever.  The process that I use gives my voice as an artist, a microphone, so the softness can be heard with more intensity,

I use a few different experimental processes with Polaroids.

I take Polaroids, pull apart the film, then rub the negative onto watercolor paper or lift off the actual layer of film and place it on another paper.

Rancho Santana 20th Anniversary Collaboration with Matt Schwartz

My goal with this series was to create a collection of colors, calmness and scenes which equaled the beauty I was immersed inside of.

Can’t make it to the Ranch this winter?

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