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Taste of Nicaragua: Farm-to-Table

farm to table restaurant in Rancho Santana nicaragua

Taste of Nicaragua: Farm-to-table.

farm to table restaurant in Rancho Santana nicaragua

We are humbled to have inherited land where we can continue to keep alive the legacy of Nicaragua’s rich culture. Our expansive community boasts 2,700 acres which gives shelter to unique flora and fauna. Tropical temperatures range from the mid-80s to the low 90s, allowing for generously fertile soil year-round. As we prepare to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we continue to reflect on the promise we pledged the first day we discovered The Ranch: to honor the land and our natural resources. One of the ways that we do this is through our farm-to-table program. 

Our Garden

organic garden in Rancho Santana Nicaragua

At the heart of our sustainability plan is The Santana Farm and Garden. Our garden is peacefully nestled on 1.7 acres where our farmers grow leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables, including tomatoes, corn, papaya, and one of our favorites, the sweet pineapple.  

Through the years, we have gardened the land with love, respect, and patience.  Instead of using chemical pesticides, The Santana Farm uses herbs, plants, and fungi to fight pests. Furthermore, our team is conscious of making the most of all processes on The Ranch, using waste and manure from The Stables and our kitchens for composting and later fertilizing. By doing so we reduce waste and have greater control over the outcome of our produce. 


Our Farm

farm cows in rancho Santana Nicaragua
farm cows in rancho Santana Nicaragua

Discreetly settled on an 80-acre hill lies our farm where all of our animals are ethically, sustainably, and humanely raised. The Santana Farm is a true haven for the cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and sheep that enjoy roaming through the vast property. 

We are not fans of chemicals-additives and hormones; for this reason, we use high-quality feed to nourish our livestock. On our spacious farm, we produce prime meat and top-quality dairy products. The great quality of our dairy products translates to a delicious result that our guests can enjoy in the form of eggs, yogurt, and cheese.  


Discover Seasonal Flavors

farm to table restaurant in Rancho Santana nicaragua

Our guests enjoy flavorsome and fresh meals at any of our four on-site restaurants as well as La Tienda. To continue honoring our commitment to support farm-to-table food, our team of experts work with the ingredients that mother nature provides per season. For this reason, our menus are refreshed every three months.  

Guests start their day with a Nicaraguan breakfast at El Café. Order our Nica Bowl featuring gallo pinto, eggs, creole cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo. This dish is made that much tastier with views from the expansive terrace overlooking our sweeping gardens that lead to our namesake beach, Playa Santana.  

Our renowned Chuleta de Cerdo from La Finca y El Mar is our signature dish and one of the few that is served year-round. An example of a seasonal dish is the tasty pescado frito con arroz (fried fish with rice) made with delicious catch of the day, salsa tipitapa, steamed rice, and pinol. 

Featuring an open-air kitchen and terrace dining, and a casual menu of wood-fired pizzas, raspas, sushis and other small plates, La Boquita is the perfect spot to catch the sunset and enjoy truly farm-fresh ingredients that were harvested that very same day.  

Corn is our star ingredient at La Taquería. This ancient grain can be traced back in history, as the base of the Nicaraguan diet, implemented since native civilizations. From Baja-style tacos to burritos and ceviche, La Taquería is a guest favorite for a reason. 

 Rancho Santana embraces and celebrates authentic Nicaraguan culture; from the way we steward the land to the traditional dishes that are incorporated into our menus.  During your visit to Rancho Santana, you can look forward to magical sunsets, warm hospitality, and a fine dining experience rich in local culture, creative expression and farm-to-table food. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how the food, we serve at The Ranch is grown and sourced you can join one of our on-site guided tours of the Garden and The Santana Farms. 

Which Airport Should You Use to Get to Rancho Santana?

Which Airport Should You Use to Get to Rancho Santana?

Rancho Santana is many things: a haven for those seeking a new lifestyle, a destination to escape the hustle and bustle of busy lives, a community of like-minded people, and a place to reconnect with nature without sacrificing the luxury and comfort of first-class amenities.
Indeed, the remote, undiscovered nature of Nicaragua and the Emerald Coast is a huge part of why many guests visit us at first and then—keep coming back. And while we love the quiet undisturbed nature of our beaches, we’ve got to admit, figuring out travel to The Ranch – especially in these times – can seem complicated. But rest assured – traveling to Nicaragua isn’t as tricky as it may seem, with two international airports within driving distance, flight routes can be found from most major US locations.

Traveling through Costa Rica

Located only 1 hour from the Costa Rica border, Liberia International Airport in Costa Rica offers a larger array of flights and connections to choose from, making it a popular choice. 

To enter Costa Rica you will need proof of vaccination (or travel insurance), a health pass, and your regular paperwork. Rancho Santana can arrange transportation services from the airport directly to the Costa Rica – Nicaragua border. Once you’re at the border, all you need to do is present your paperwork (negative PCR test, entry form, a tourist card, passport) at customs. Once you’ve successfully made it to the other side of the border, a Rancho Santana driver will pick you up and drive you the rest of the way to The Ranch. 

Whether you’re wondering about travel requirements for crossing the border or are concerned about the drive, you can count on our team to help arrange the logistics of getting to The Ranch. 

Traveling through Managua

On the other hand, you may be traveling from a location with connecting flights to Managua International Airport in Nicaragua’s capital city, in which case you will not need to cross the border. In this case, you will need a negative PCR test, a tourist card, and your booking information. Our team will arrange pickup and drop-off service for you and your party. 

All Rancho Santana drivers are English speaking and will be waiting for you promptly upon your arrival with cold water for your ride to Rancho Santana. Nothing more to do than sit back and relax! The goal for us is to make sure the entire process is easy, stress-free, and comfortable. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of our reviews.

A really nice hotel

We have been homeowners at Rancho Santana for many years and have sold our home. We came down for a visit and stayed for the first time at the Inn. The reservations team was super helpful in getting us in and out with their transportation from Liberia, Costa Rica. With Covid requirements, there are a lot of steps, but they assisted us in every way. They even recommended an online antigen test for our return to the states that we were able to perform over a video call online from our room in about 5 minutes. Don’t let the border crossing scare you. They have folks helping you with bags, paperwork, etc. all the way. Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle, but there is no place on earth more relaxing, so all those transport troubles will melt away after your first Nica Libre at the bar.

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If you’re concerned about travel requirements upon leaving the country, our team can also assist with COVID-19 testing, provided you travel with self-tests and other necessary preparations.
In the last few months, as travel restrictions have loosened around the world and travelers growing used to the requirement, reservations have increased exponentially. If this trend continues, we can expect Costa Esmeralda Airport—the small local airport 15 minutes away, to reopen in the near future.

So if our five secluded beaches, luxury amenities, and services are calling out to you for some well-needed relaxation and rest, we will make sure the process of getting down to Rancho Santana is just as seamless as your stay. For more information about travel arrangements, you can contact Us.

A recap of this summer at Rancho Santana.

With autumn fast approaching, we’re happy to report that it’s been a successful summer for The Ranch. More and more families are flocking to our five beaches for a much-needed change of scenery.

Our team had their hands full this summer, hosting new and familiar faces alike, including two weddings and an extended family reunion. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! So, reflecting on the end of such a great season, we’d like to share some of our favorite reviews from recent guests.

A recent guest from NY shared an effusive email with us about her stay and even wrote about us on her blog.

There are some trips that really resonate with you no matter how many places you see and Nicaragua will always be one of my favorites. It’s hard to pin down every minute detail that made the trip so memorable, but to start the people of Nicaragua are so friendly and I can’t say that for every place I’ve been. From the moment we arrived, everyone treated us as lifelong friends and that is the type of kindness that I’ll never forget. Those with true wanderlust travel to take back a piece of every place with them. You never return home the same person you left as and I can say Nicaragua has changed me.”

Sydney Braat — So Sydney NY

Sydney Braat — So Sydney NY

And she wasn’t the only one. We also got some amazing reviews on TripAdvisor:

To read numerous more reviews from recent guests of The Ranch, you can visit our TripAdvisor page here.