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Beaches of Nicaragua

beach in nicaragua Rancho Santana

Guide to Nicaragua's Beaches

Nicaragua is the perfect vacation destination for people looking to relax on the beach while basking in the warm, tropical climate. Its beaches stretch up to
470 miles touching the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. Many sites, activities, and attractions can make a vacation
worthwhile regardless of the
Nicaragua season.

Best Swimming Beaches in Nicaragua

Swimmers can have the time of their lives by checking out these Nicaraguan beaches:

Playa Blanca

This beach north of San Juan Bay creates the perfect environment for any swimmer. It is secluded and is the only Nicaragua beach with white sand. Therefore, visitors can enjoy swimming on this free beach without disturbance.

Playa Los Perros

Nestled in the serene environment at the breaks of Colorado and Panga drops, Los Perros has the perfect sea views. It is also near numerous luxurious amenities where a swimmer can cool off after lying in the sun all day.

Playa Pochomil

With its extensive sandy beaches, swimmers at Playa De Pochomil can enjoy uninterrupted swimming sessions while taking in the view. There are also quiet areas to wind down nearby.

Playa Guasacate

Playa Guasacate’s mood gives surfers and swimmers the perfect relaxed environment to enjoy their activities. The friendly neighborhood and beautiful mix of beaches make it ideal for your laid-back and relaxing vacation.

Tide Pools

Tide pools can form on any beach, and Nicaraguan beaches are a great place to see exotic wildlife up close. The beautiful marine life swimming in the clear waters is fun for the whole family.

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Nicaragua Beaches for Surfers

Nicaragua beaches are known for their excellent surfing, and there is no shortage of waves for surfers of all levels to catch.

Playa  Santana

Playa Santana is renowed for its multiple peaks along the beach. This beach break provides powerful barrels that go left and right. It is best to surf mid to high tide. Santana also serves great waves for bodyboarders.

Playa Popoyo 

Playa Popoyo is the best destination for expert-level surfers who want a wild ride. There is always a big wave to catch. Most surfers outdo each other in Emerald Coast Nicaragua, creating a healthy sense of competition

Best Hiking Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a hot spot for beach hiking. Hikers can enjoy the beautiful Nicaraguan landscape while feeling the sand slip through their feet on any of these beautiful beaches.

Playa Gigante

Playa Gigante is a small area, but the scenery makes it feel vast. The tidal waves hit hard, and it has an exciting getaway that hikers can climb through.

Cliff Hike

The cliffs in San Juan del Sur provide the perfect hiking challenge. People start the trail from the fish market as they head to the lighthouse. Once there, one can behold the beautiful views and have an exciting trail back through ancient fort houses.

Playa Escameca

This rocky 800m beachline provides an exciting trail to Playa Yankee. Though relatively short, it is an exhilarating hike because of the area and the wildlife on view.

Estuary and Cave

The estuary at the end of Escameca Grande is home to various wildlife, including monkies, birds, and fish. Visitors can rent a paddleboat for a 20-minute journey to the cave

Playa Duna

The dune at Rancho Santana’s Nicaragua Beach Resort provides the perfect challenge for any hiker. It takes effort to meander through the dune steps and rock formations, but the stunning views at the end are worth the challenge.

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beach in nicaragua Rancho Santana
turtles at playa escondida Rancho Santana

Best Nicaragua Beaches Wildlife

Nicaragua beaches host numerous types of exciting wildlife and sea creatures that will thrill travelers.

Playa Chacocente

Sea turtles are a favorite for vacationers on Nicaragua beaches. Playa Chacocente is a wildlife refuge center that nurtures and protects sea turtles. If visitors time their trip right, they might even see turtles laying their eggs along the sandy shore.

Playa Escondida

Though people refer to this beach as a ‘hidden beach, there is no shortage of people in the area. In addition, the presence of sea turtles in the tide pool area makes it a perfect place for people to watch them hatch.

Wildlife Watching

Nicaragua beaches host a variety of wildlife that people can enjoy watching while relaxing in the sand.

Playa Amarillo

Playa Amarilla hosts monkeys, cows, pigs, and fish. In addition, it has a fishing area where the tourists can enjoy fishing and watching how the wildlife interacts with the people.

Playa Rosada

Playa Rosada is famous for animals shell, providing the perfect spot for shell collectors. It’s also perfect for surfers or people who need quiet relaxation time.

Planning your summer holidays? Discover our beachfront vacation homes on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua.

Taste of Nicaragua: Farm-to-Table

farm to table restaurant in Rancho Santana nicaragua
farm to table restaurant in Rancho Santana nicaragua

Taste of Nicaragua: Farm - to - table

We are humbled to have inherited land where we can continue to keep alive the legacy of Nicaragua’s rich culture. Our expansive community boasts 2,700 acres which gives shelter to unique flora and fauna. Tropical temperatures range from the mid-80s to the low 90s, allowing for generously fertile soil year-round. As we prepare to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we continue to reflect on the promise we pledged the first day we discovered The Ranch: to honor the land and our natural resources. One of the ways that we do this is through our farm-to-table program. 

Our Garden

organic garden in Rancho Santana Nicaragua

At the heart of our sustainability plan is The Santana Farm and Garden. Our garden is peacefully nestled on 1.7 acres where our farmers grow leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables, including tomatoes, corn, papaya, and one of our favorites, the sweet pineapple.  

Through the years, we have gardened the land with love, respect, and patience.  Instead of using chemical pesticides, The Santana Farm uses herbs, plants, and fungi to fight pests. Furthermore, our team is conscious of making the most of all processes on The Ranch, using waste and manure from The Stables and our kitchens for composting and later fertilizing. By doing so we reduce waste and have greater control over the outcome of our produce.  

Our Farm

farm cows in rancho Santana Nicaragua
farm cows in rancho Santana Nicaragua

Discreetly settled on an 80-acre hill lies our farm where all of our animals are ethically, sustainably, and humanely raised. The Santana Farm is a true haven for the cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and sheep that enjoy roaming through the vast property. 

We are not fans of chemicals-additives and hormones; for this reason, we use high-quality feed to nourish our livestock. On our spacious farm, we produce prime meat and top-quality dairy products. The great quality of our dairy products translates to a delicious result that our guests can enjoy in the form of eggs, yogurt, and cheese.  

Discover Seasonal Flavors

farm to table restaurant in Rancho Santana nicaragua

Our guests enjoy flavorsome and fresh meals at any of our four on-site restaurants as well as La Tienda. To continue honoring our commitment to support farm-to-table food, our team of experts work with the ingredients that mother nature provides per season. For this reason, our menus are refreshed every three months.  

Guests start their day with a Nicaraguan breakfast at El Café. Order our Nica Bowl featuring gallo pinto, eggs, creole cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo. This dish is made that much tastier with views from the expansive terrace overlooking our sweeping gardens that lead to our namesake beach, Playa Santana.  

Our renowned Chuleta de Cerdo from La Finca y El Mar is our signature dish and one of the few that is served year-round. An example of a seasonal dish is the tasty pescado frito con arroz (fried fish with rice) made with delicious catch of the day, salsa tipitapa, steamed rice, and pinol. 

Featuring an open-air kitchen and terrace dining, and a casual menu of wood-fired pizzas, raspas, sushis and other small plates, La Boquita is the perfect spot to catch the sunset and enjoy truly farm-fresh ingredients that were harvested that very same day.  

Corn is our star ingredient at La Taquería. This ancient grain can be traced back in history, as the base of the Nicaraguan diet, implemented since native civilizations. From Baja-style tacos to burritos and ceviche, La Taquería is a guest favorite for a reason. 

Rancho Santana embraces and celebrates authentic Nicaraguan culture; from the way we steward the land to the traditional dishes that are incorporated into our menus.  During your visit to Rancho Santana, you can look forward to magical sunsets, warm hospitality, and a fine dining experience rich in local culture, creative expression and farm-to-table food. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how the food, we serve at The Ranch is grown and sourced you can join one of our on-site guided tours of the Garden and The Santana Farms.