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Horseback Trail Riding and Mountain Bike Trails

Rancho Santana is home to many trails and as the community has continued to grow, we’ve found a need to formalize the rules for using the trails in the area. For the safety of our users and owners, we have decided to designate our trails for specific uses.

Horseback Trail Riding

Horseback trail riding is allowed on trails marked Horses & Pedestrians and Multi-purpose. Horses are allowed on trails like Ruta Los Monos and Ruta Los Arboles. Horses are also allowed on the multi-purpose trail to Playa Escondida.

Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain biking is allowed on trails marked Biking and Pedestrian and Multi-purpose. Mountain bikes are allowed on trails like Ruta a Los Perros, Ruta Bella Vista, and Ruta a Playa Duna. Mountain biking is also allowed on the multi-purpose trail leading to Playa Escondida.

Map of Trails

We’ve also taken this opportunity to update our trail map (below) and make it easier to navigate and use.

Horseback trail riding, mountain biking, and hiking map of trails at Rancho Santana.

Enjoying Rancho Santana’s Trails Safely

This change allows our community members to enjoy the trails safely and with no concern for collisions. Those who enjoy running and hiking can use all trails — always yielding to riders, but horses and bikes will be limited to their designated trails or multi-use trails only.

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